The Southern Tennessee Ladies' Society (STLS) is a not-for-profit association of women who are involved in various social activities throughout the month.  STLS started in August of 2009 with the intent of getting together to network and improve society by providing educational scholarships to local high school students. More than    $209,000 have been awarded in scholarships to 71 students.  Members of STLS come from Franklin, Coffee, Moore, Lincoln and Grundy counties in Southern Tennessee.  There is something for everyone:  book club, bridge, golf, dinner, hiking, gun club, fashion, shopping and travel.  Monthly meetings with lunch and various interesting programs are scheduled.  Fund raising activities are  creative, successful and fun!
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Our Mission
A ladies' organization promoting social fun, fellowship and educational scholarships.
Our Founders
Founding Members Left to right:  Tina Roth, Kimberly Extine, Sadie Chandler ,Debra Mahler.  Edith Nunley, Cindy Bryan, Iris Rudder, and Gayla Suddarth.  Not pictured:  Kathy Hein.
Our Board of Directors

President:  Lois Brown
Vice President: Margaret A Thomas
Secretary:  Angie Johnson
Treasurer:  Barbara Clay
Parliamentarian:  Jennie Cowan
Chaplain:  Galye Shemwick
Interest Groups:  Jean Haigh
Membership: Tina LeBas
Operations/Reservations:  Tina Roth
Ways & Means Debra Mahler
Publicity: Sandi Mackey
Website: Dawn Kimball

Scholarship Committee:  Pam Pickett
Scholarship Secretary:  Nelda Stiefel
Scholarship Ways and Means:  Joy Spencer

Meet the STLS Executive Officers: 
Jennie Cowan-Parlimentarian, Margaret A. Thomas-Vice President (seated), Lois Brown-President, Angie Johnson-Secretary and Barbara Clay-Treasurer.
2019...Celebrating our 10th Anniversary
2009 Founding Members:  Iris Rudder, Tina Roth, Cindy Bryan, Kimberly Extine, Edith Nunley, Sadie Chandler, Gayla Suddarth 
and Debra Mahler (seated  in front)