2019 Scholarships Awarded
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Tabatha Beverly
Trevor Denney
JP  Evans
Kaylee Gardner
Miranda Givens
Ceresia Ridner
Juliann Taylor
Congratulations to the 2013 Scholarship Winners!!

Tabatha B Beverly, Trevor Denny, J.P.Evans, Kaylee Gardner, Miranda Givens, Ceresia Ridner and Juliann Taylor
Congratulations to the 2014 Scholarship Winners!!

Steven Ho, Joseph Cole Johnson, Anna Spellings, Carlee Ward, 
Abigail Williams, Sydni Wilkinson and Vanity Ward
Congratulations to the 2016 Scholarship Winners!!

Savannah Hodge, Fiona Charnow, Tori Williams
(2nd row) Colt Seals, Demetria Preston, Emily Presley, Emily Powell

Congratulations to the 2015 Scholarship Winners!!

Logan Smith, Kylie Schall, Maggie McDonald, Terrince Bramhall, 
Linsey Adams, Kellie Gamble, Alina Akhmedova and Nathan Hopkins

Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship Winners!  

Ella Fanning (Tullahoma), Katy Hancock (Coffee County), Landon C. Moye (Huntland), Ethan Pfister (Franklin County), Tate Stevenson (Lincoln County),  
Kristin Weaver (Grundy County) and Erin Simmons (Moore County)  
School Year:  2017018
Congratulations to the 2017 Scholarship Winners!!

(front row)- Amanda Palmer, Abbi Hancock, Samantha Donde
Haylee Godwill, Hunter Ladd, Jacob Dial and Courtney Colburn

    Hard work really does pay off! Just ask the seven local high school students that were treated to a ‘Free Lunch’ and a big scholarship to help take a bite out of college expenses. The students were honored at the Southern Tennessee Ladies’ Society 10th Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon at the Franklin County Country Club in Winchester on May 1st.  

    Since its’ inception in August of 2009, this fun-loving group of women has presented scholarships to 71(seventy-one) local high school students and has awarded a total of $ 209,000.  The students were selected based upon several criteria including grades, school activities, community service, employment, financial need, personal recommendations, a written essay and a personal interview with the scholarship committee members.  

    “This year, we received a total of 112 applications,” said Pamela Pickett, chairwoman of the Scholarship Committee; Ms. Pickett had been a teacher in the Algebra Department at Grundy County HS for 38 years. “It’s been my privilege to work with this dedicated group of professional women serving on the Scholarship Committee. The review process is quite complicated. The committee looks at financial need, academic achievement and the drive and passion to accomplish the student’s desired goal.” A key factor in awarding scholarship funds is to be mindful of other criteria such as other scholarships, grants, financial aid, etc. We want to be sure that our funds can be used to their maximum potential.  A large number of the members within the STLS have a background as teachers and administrators within the education field.

    The Scholarship Awards Ceremony is the culmination of the year-long fundraising efforts by the STLS. The women were delighted to recognize the outstanding achievements of this year’s recipients: Catherine Evans from Tullahoma HS, James “Matthew” Hale from Coffee County HS in Manchester, Christopher Moreland from Franklin County HS in Winchester, Kobe Steele from Huntland HS, Jonathan “Dalton” Ramsey from Grundy County HS in Coalmont, Rylee Campbell from Lincoln County HS in Fayetteville and Tristian Whitaker from Moore County HS in Lynchburg.  Their full stories can be read on the Southern Tn Ladies Society Facebook Page(click to link) 

     Hunter Ladd was the guest speaker for the ceremony. (click link for full story).  He was the one of the 2017 scholarship recipients.  He touched on some sage and humorous advice for the graduates to succeed in college.  Hunter told the STLS that they made a good investment with him.  He will be completing a 5 year curriculum in Engineering and Construction Management within a 3 year period.  Hunter's college career represents the drive and passion that the STLS Scholarship is all about.

    The STLS board of directors would like to express their gratitude to all the members that volunteer their time and talents for the many activities that take place throughout the year. This program is a very rewarding endeavor and these young people are amazing, inspiring and worthy of the scholarships that have been presented to them. Best of luck to this years’ applicants as well as the past recipients of these scholarships You are making a difference in the world.
Congratulations to the 2012 Scholarship Winners!!

Mykyla Ashby, Karley McBay, Heather Stines, Jessi Wilhoit, 
Tori Perry, Sierra Bramhall and Melissa Johnson
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Congratulations to the 2011 Scholarship Winners!!

Brianna Baker, Darryl Gullekson, Jr., Alyse Sidoli, Jordon Hill, Derek Sawyer, Jessica Metcalf and Ashley Lopez
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Congratulations to the 2010 Scholarship Winners!!

Douglas McGary, Kristina Stovall, Sahara Hall, Michael Espy, Paytonne Crossland, Collin Snoddy and Megan Baldwin
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2019 Scholarship Recipients: Tristian Whitaker, James "Matthew" Hale, Christopher Moreland, ​ 
  Rylee Campbell, Catherine Evans, Jonathan "Dalton" Ramsey and Kobe Steele.
2019...Celebrating our 10th Anniversary